Taipa Entertainment District


Headland is involved in a number of destination creation projects in Macau, converting older, Portuguese colonial style buildings into attractive bars and restaurants designed for the enjoyment of both local people and tourists. The new landmarks are rapidly becoming places of choice for people who wish to experience the vibrancy of Macau as well as taste the rich 500 year history that the territory’s historic areas have to offer.


All projects are located in the Taipa area. All projects have a basement. Headland have adopted an intricate ‘top down’ basement construction method, as the sites are highly congested and difficult to work in and located in areas that have a high water table.

3 new projects are awaiting planning approval and 3 sites under construction. One site requires retention of an existing historic façade thus requiring a façade retention structure.

Project Data
Projected development cost:US$ 17 million
Project type:Redevelopment
Location: Taipa Macau
Sector: Entertainment, F&B
Est. gross floor area:20,000 sq.ft / 1,858 sq.m